Review: Grumpy Cat Photo Bomb drops the famous grumpy cat into your images

Create memes with grumpy cat using this iOS app.

Grumpy Cat Photo Bomb is a fairly straightforward app, allowing you to add a picture of grumpy cat and a caption to your photos before sharing them to social networks. While there are a few options for customization, the core of the app is the grumpy cat drop-ins, so you'll know in advance whether this is an app you want to have on your phone, based solely on your interest in the subject matter.

When you load Grumpy Cat Photo Bomb, you can choose or take a photo right away and it will automatically drop in one of three photos of grumpy cat and one of a handful of captions -- some of them funnier than others. There are more options, as well, including custom captions, more pre-written captions and more cat faces, but they all are part of a paid upgrade so the free app is fairly limited in how many combinations you can make. The interface is solid and the app looks professionally designed and runs well, but the lack of features can be frustrating. You can run through the few photos on offer pretty quickly, and they look great; but with no other editing tools, there are only so many things you can do with the app unless you upgrade.

If you're still going strong with the grumpy cat photo meme and want to use them for your own photos, then Grumpy Cat Photo Bomb is a great addition to your smartphone. The free version gives you enough options to create a few unique memes, and they all look fantastic. If you're looking for more editing options, you should probably look elsewhere. This one is all about the grumpy cat.

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