Review: Futsal Board Free is a great if somewhat steeply curved app

Create plays, record them for later, or show your players your thoughts on an iOS screen.

Futsal Board Free adds to the long list of great play-calling apps for the iOS platform and manages to stand out as one of the more complete and feature rich. The app includes a range of options from full court to half, chapter settings, and a record function -- making it a very useful tool for players and coaches, alike. There's a steep learning curve here, but the payoff is worth it.

When you load Futsal Board Free for the first time, the app places every marker on the screen including all of the player markers and the ball. You can then switch between full and half court, set different chapters in the match, drop new markers onto the screen, and run plays, all while recording those actions with photos. There are a lot of tools here, which is great because it makes the app flexible, but at first you'll need to dig through menus trying to find the option you're looking for. It's not an endless learning curve, but it is steep and can be off-putting when you first start using the app. Once you master it, though, Futsal Board is a great play calling app that lets you draw out the game exactly as you like.

If you are looking for a tool to help you map your plays on the go, experiment with some new ideas, or just run through recent games or plays on the bus or train, Futsal Board is a great app. It has everything you'll need. While the interface and setup process can be frustrating, at times, everything runs seamlessly after that, making for a great, free app.

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