Review: Bunnycup Embroidery connects users to a library of embroidery patterns

See and purchase embroidery patterns and designs from your iPhone.

Bunnycup Embroidery is a mobile portal to a large online collection of embroidery patterns. While it offers a number of ways to sort through the large catalog offered by the company, and there are ways to purchase them directly from the app, it never rises above a mobile catalog that could be completed just as easily (if not more so) from a Web site.

When you open Bunnycup Embroidery, you will see a list of category options, including "what's new," "all sets," "free sets," and more. Tap on any of those sets and you can see dozens of embroidery pattern sets offered by the company. Tap again and you will see what's included in the set, the price, and the title. To do anything else you will need to sign in, and the goal of the app is to get you to do so and purchase these patterns from your phone. The purchasing process is easy enough, but without a strong interface for displaying and interacting with those patterns, the app serves little purpose beyond window shopping.

For those looking to find an app that helps them with their embroidery on the go, this is not it; it is more of a storefront and account management tool. If you are interested in buying any of the numerous patterns offered by Bunnycup, then you will find this app useful as a way to browse and find those patterns. But it isn't noticeably better than performing the same actions on the Web.

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