Review: Basketball Playbook HD Free offers a handful of playbook diagraming tools

Drop X's and O's on the screen and draw out plays in this useful but underdeveloped app.

Basketball Playbook HD Free provides tools to create playbook entries on a basketball court screen with your iPhone. The result is useful for practicing drawing up plays but without options to save or share your play calls and drawings, the app is little more than a sandbox for testing out new play ideas on the go. That can still be useful for a lot of people, players and coaches alike, but it limits the usefulness of the app.

When you open Basketball Playbook HD Free, you can choose from numerous court designs to display on your screen, and then you can start drawing on the screen, or dropping icons to show players and plays. The process for adding new icons is time consuming as you'll need to go through the menu every time you drop one in. A drag-and-drop menu would have been more useful here, though the smaller screen combined with the ad bar might have made this too restrictive. At any time you can undo your last drawing or drop and you can clear the screen; but the lack of saving functions (so you can take your plays to a computer or send them to a fellow user) is a major oversight.

Basketball Playbook HD Free is an OK, free app for crafting plays but it lacks the tools and efficiency needed to make it a useful tool in a game or even in preparing for a game. If you are a coach or player and are looking for a more robust digital play calling app, this is not it. If you are looking for a way to sketch out some ideas on the fly, this can work for your needs.

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