Review: Update your drivers automatically with Driver Booster

Update your PC's drivers and keep them updated with this free utility.

IOBit's Driver Booster analyzes your PC for out-of-date drivers -- and updates them with a click. Cloud-based resources track the latest updates. Driver Booster is available in two versions: Driver Booster Free, which can automatically identify new updates and install them individually or all at once, and Driver Booster Pro, which does all that and more, including offering licenses and technical support for up to three computers. We tried Driver Booster Free in Windows 7.

Driver Booster's dark-toned user interface displayed all our system's drivers in its scan results, with those needing critical updates at the top of the list. It found updates for seven drivers, though most were chipset drivers that only required a single download, plus a timely update for our graphics card. Driver Booster's recommended mode downloads, unzips, and installs drivers in the background, minimizing the open windows and pop-ups that come with doing it the hard way. Updating our chipset drivers required a reboot, and Driver Booster can shut down your PC when it finishes, too. After rebooting, we rescanned our PC and got the all clear from Driver Booster. To keep it that way, we could launch Driver Booster at startup, schedule regular scans, add drivers to the Ignore List, and enable proxies and network log-ons in the Settings (check the User Manual for more information and support). The driver backup tool isn't active in the freeware, but that's OK because you back up your entire computer regularly, right? (You don't? Houston, we have a problem...)

It doesn't get much easier than this to make sure your system's drivers are up to date. IOBit's Driver Booster is a great addition to any user's toolbox -- even those who aren't sure what a driver does.

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