Review: Go big, green, and old school with Analog Clock-7 Mobile on your phone

Put a big green-on-black analog clock face on your Android phone with this free app.

Style-7's Analog Clock-7 Mobile is a highly visible analog clock display for Android devices. With a bright green dial on a black background, you can read the time from quite a distance. An optional sweep second hand and digital display with AM/PM indicator add to the app's usefulness. A Pro version with more features is available, but the free app's pretty cool on its own.

We installed Analog Clock-7 Mobile on our Android device and opened it to display the analog clock face. Tapping the "Menu" button let us open the Settings, upgrade to the Pro app, and Exit to our usual screen. We could uncheck boxes to remove the second hand and digital clock from Analog Clock-7 Mobile's display in the app's Settings, which also displays an ad box when the Settings are open. But the app's virtue is ease of use: With Analog Clock-7 Mobile open, your phone is focused on one job, displaying the time, until a call comes in.

We thought of Chief Engineer Scott's memorable words when trying to describe Analog Clock-7 Mobile: "It's green!" It is indeed green, which is why it's so easy to see from across the room. And why it's cool, too.

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