Review: Answer your smartphone with a wave of your hand with Air Call-Accept (free)

Answer your Android phone with a hand gesture with this free app.

Jedi Masters answer their cell phones with gesture. Now Androids can, too, and without help from the Force, if they have Necta's Air Call-Accept (free). Air Call-Accept lets you answer your Android smartphone with a wave of your hand. It uses your phone's built-in motion sensor to detect when you pass your hand over the phone or place it near your ear when it's ringing and answers the call. It's great for drivers or anyone who uses a Bluetooth headset (or the phone's speaker). Air Call-Accept (free) is a freeware version of a premium app that adds more hands-free controls, including Reject Call, Speaker On, Send SMS, and more.

So, how easy to use is it? It took maybe a minute to download and install Air Call-Accept (free) on a Samsung Galaxy SIII, call the phone from another phone, and answer the call with a wave of the hand. We didn't even need to practice: The app worked perfectly the first time. Air Call-Accept (free) only works with incoming calls, so you can't do the Jedi Master version of "butt-dialing."

With Air Call-Accept (free) you don't have to pick up your phone to "pick up" a call. Needless to say, it's just what a lot of busy people have needed for a long time. No need to put the baby down or take one hand off the wheel to take an important call! And you don't even need Jedi mind-tricks: just Air Call-Accept (free).

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