Review: Simulate snowboarding on the streets in Mad Freebording Snowboarding

Create a skater to shoot for the leaderboard and unlock cool skating goodies.

Mad Freebording Snowboarding has enough levels and skating fun to entertain even the most particular skating fan. Though its controls can be a little sketchy at times, the game's abundant customization and dozens of levels will keep you interested. It might not be the best skating game on Android, but it's definitely worth playing if you're a snowboarder transitioning to skateboarding.

Mad Freebording Snowboarding lets you create your own freeborder to take on the game's numerous levels. The formula is the standard you'd expect from a skateboarding game: you start as an up-and-comer and beat races and trick competitions to earn more money to buy the best boards and clothes in the game. The game offers three different control styles -- a D-pad, joystick, and shifting your gadget -- but you have to choose one at the start of the game and abandon the others. If you choose one of the onscreen control modes, it leaves just enough room for you to see what your character is doing; but it occasionally lags. When it comes to looks and features, the game offers good graphics and music, as well as plenty of cool ways to customize your skater. There's even a gore mode that makes your falls extra bloody. However, it doesn't let you continue most runs after you've bailed once.

There are some hiccups, but Mad Freebording Snowboarding offers enough fun ways to play to make it worth ignoring those. While this game won't be at the top of anyone's favorites list, it is still a worthwhile skating game. Download this one if you're a fan of the Tony Hawk games and want a somewhat similar experience on your smartphone or tablet.

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