Review: Give your gadget a new look with fast and smooth Linpus Launcher

Replace Android's default launcher with this smooth, stylish alternative.

Linpus Launcher gives you more control and customization compared to Android's default launcher. While it lacks the amount of custom apps and themes that other launchers offer, it makes up for it with more home screens than one person would probably ever need and solid, smooth performance.

Once installed, Linpus Launcher replaces your Android's default launcher with a more customizable one. The first thing you'll notice is that while the app starts you with just two home screens, it lets you expand to ten -- way more than the default on most devices and most other launchers. While the app has a few custom wallpapers, it's lacking on custom themes; there's only one to choose from in the Google Play store. Additionally, it only has a battery app and a weather app that are made for the themes, as well. Luckily, it supports any widgets that Android's default launcher can use. You can insert a couple new shortcuts like actions, too. The launcher quickly loads any app that you choose and gives you multiple ways to browse your apps and menus. You can change the bottom navigation bar to support any apps.

Linpus Launcher does just about the bare minimum of what a custom launcher can do, but not much else. If your goal is to have as many home screens as you possibly can, then it might be up your alley. However, you might want to look elsewhere if you want a launcher ecosystem full of custom apps and themes.

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