Review: Gmail's latest relaunch brings great organization features and solid speed

Use multiple e-mail accounts at once on your Android smartphone or tablet with Google's own mail application.

Gmail is Google's default e-mail app, which means it matches most e-mail apps in terms of features, style, and organization. There's a reason it's the default on most Android gadgets. If your smartphone or tablet didn't come with it installed, there aren't many excuses to not have it, especially if you already have a Gmail address.

With Gmail you can organize multiple inboxes into one while adjusting categories, signatures, and notification sounds for each of them, separately. If you have Android 4.0 or higher, you can use Gmail's latest inbox settings, which organizes your mail into color-coded categories like Social, Promotions, and Inbox. The app offers all of your folders and extensions that the desktop version supports, as well as few settings exclusively made for mobile. Setting up the e-mail address connected to your Android phone is automatic, while setting up additional accounts takes practically no time at all. The app's menu is a minimalist version of the Web-based Gmail layout, so all of the buttons and keys you need are readily available and easy to find. Overall, this great app packs plenty of style compared to other e-mail apps. Since you need an account to use an Android gadget anyway, why wouldn't you use it?

While Gmail still has a long way to go to match the usefulness of Outlook or Thunderbird-style e-mail apps, it's still incredibly easy to set up and use. Whether you have one or several Gmail accounts, this app is one of the best ways to manage them all.

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