Review: Eternity Warriors 2 looks amazing and is fun to play

Hack and slash your way through this gorgeous dungeon crawler.

Eternity Warriors 2 takes smartphone and tablet gaming to another level with gorgeous graphics and rich content. The only downside is that you'll spend almost as much time waiting for the game to load as you will spend actually playing it. However, it's worth the wait to enjoy this deep, expansive dungeon crawler.

Eternity Warriors 2 takes its cues from popular dungeon crawlers like Diablo as it lets you take control of a powerful warrior, fighting your way through caves full of zombies. The levels get progressively more difficult as you get progressively stronger and use your spoils of victory to level up your character. While the formula is nothing new, this game stands out thanks to its stellar graphics. This game's detailed level rendering could pass for a 64-bit console without much problem. Eternity Warriors 2 has a cool weapons system that supports upgrades and leveling, as well. In addition to letting you save the game, locally, you'll like the option to sign in with your Google account to save your game and pick it up on another device. While the game's enemies aren't particularly challenging, there's enough of them to shake up the game and keep it exciting. On our device, the game took about three minutes to load at first, and then had to load for 30 seconds or so at the end of every level.

This game goes a long way on its beautiful graphics, but there is some fun to be had with it outside of those, as well. Eternity Warriors 2 feels like some of the classic SNES or early PC hack-and-slash games, which is a major compliment. It's a great nostalgic romp that doesn't overstay its welcome, even if the levels are a little repetitive.

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