Review: Dual Calculator makes converting to hexadecimal and back fun

See decimals and hexadecimals on the same screen for easy conversion using this handy yet colorful calculator.

Dual Calculator is a trim, nifty-looking application that lets you see decimals and hexadecimals at the same time on your Android gadget. It converts them into the opposite format so you don't have to waste time doing it, yourself. Since it looks good and won't weigh your gadget down, there's little reason not to use this effective app.

Dual Calculator checks in at less than 1MB, so downloading it takes almost no time at all. It doesn't bog down slower processors, either. Once installed, this app lets you input a number in either decimal or hexadecimal language and instantly see its counterpart. The app color codes operations so you know which buttons you can hit in either language as well as easily find a key in the app's somewhat non-standard layout. In addition to its vibrant colors, Dual Calculator includes a cool D6 button that lets you simulate a six-sided die roll. The app doesn't feature any advanced settings, but it doesn't include any advertisements, either.

Dual Calculator is an incredibly fast way to convert to and from hexadecimal. The added color and cute dice feature are nice touches that add some fun to this app without making it unnecessarily bloated. Even though it's a rather basic app, if you need it, you'll definitely find it appealing.

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