Review: Bomb Me offers cool combat modes but awful controls

Chuck bombs at your opponents in this physics-based combat game.

Bomb Me has some of the makings of an innovative combat game; but it's marred by wonky controls, which block out the game's decent graphics and make it really tough to play, at times. However, if you're patient enough to fight through them, you'll be rewarded with a decent physics game.

Bomb Me lets you take on your friends and the computer in one-on-one combat, but you use physics to plan your attacks. You have to pick the perfect angle to chuck your bombs and attacks in order to win. The game has really interesting graphics that mimic SNES-style RPGs from the 1990s. It gives you an interactive map to explore, but most of the game happens inside of the "Hall," where you can battle it out with players from all over the world. Sadly, the game frequently didn't respond to our touches when navigating its menus, leading to multiple frustrated taps that took us to the wrong part of the game. The game's chat function took up a lot of the screen, as well, making navigating even more frustrating. Disconnects during matches were a fairly frequent occurrence, as well, as we were kicked out of rooms four times out of the seven games we played.

Bomb Me is a lot of fun when it actually works, which seems to be rarely. That's a shame, because this game is different from a lot of other games on the Google Play store. Give it a whirl if you don't mind a game that can be frustrating just as often as it is fun.

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