Review: Defend your home stadium from intruders in Baseball Vs Zombies

Protect your home field from vicious zombies as you destroy their base in Baseball Vs Zombies.

Baseball Vs Zombies overcomes mediocre graphics and ads to become a solid tower defense game. Though it starts off incredibly easy and is somewhat repetitive, many people will love the goofy gameplay and the fun premise. It's definitely worth trying out if you're a big fan of tower defense games.

This game has you take the role of a popular baseball team, defending your home stadium from an onslaught of zombie invaders. In addition to protecting your home field, your team has to destroy the zombie base, each level, in order to succeed. As with most tower defense games, Baseball Vs Zombies gives you a roster of powerful defenders (players) as well as some power-ups and special powers to make things easier. The graphics aren't fantastic and the characters don't look incredibly detailed or inspired (especially the random, buxom woman who populates the "You win!" screen.) There are ads all over the app that pop up any time you load the game or advance in a level. Leveling up your characters doesn't cost much, but the game's in-game money doesn't come easily.

There are a few predictably annoying quirks that detract from this game's playability. That said, Baseball Vs Zombies isn't as bad as some apps in terms of ads or repetitiveness. Once you get over those elements, the game has a lot to like. It's a decent -- albeit easy -- way for tower defense fans to waste some time.

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