Review: Angry Birds Friends has creative, festive levels and tons of social features

Take on your Facebook friends to see who reigns supreme in the field of bird flinging.

Angry Birds Friends combines the games' signature gameplay with social interaction on Facebook for a uniquely addictive mix. You'll get to fling all of your favorite birds and compete with your friends for the top spot on your social leaderboard. The app's constantly changing levels and landscapes add some serious replay value, as well.

This game uses the same gameplay strategies and birds you'd expect from the Angry Birds series, but it combines these with two new elements. The first is that you can play from Facebook or connect the game to your Facebook account to challenge your friends' scores. The second is that the game's levels, bonuses, and leaderboards change every week, so the game stays fresh. In addition to that changing, the game's look and feel also change. When we tested it, the levels changed into a graveyard complete with zombie pigs for Halloween, which is a really nice touch. When you first play the game, there's a somewhat easy five-level tutorial that takes a minute to get through. Once you finish it, you can not only compete in the weekly tournament, but also watch Angry Birds-themed cartoons. Angry Birds Friends does have the occasional pop-up ad, but it is easy to get rid of and won't spoil the fun.

Angry Birds Friends is an interesting blend of a proven formula with a new gameplay element. Though you can only play one tournament each week, it keeps you coming back to this game while still keeping the game's levels fresh. It's a great way to compete with your friends and a neat entry into this popular series of addictive games.

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