Review: Airport City gives you a nifty airline simulator with cool graphics and music

Build the world's most popular airline in this cool airport simulator for Android gadgets.

Airport City is a fun airline simulator that is almost as addictive as it is easy to play. It borrows a lot of cues from The Sims series of games while still feeling different enough to keep you interested. It makes running and building an airline fun and exciting. It's worth trying out.

This game puts you in total control of the everyday operations of your very own animated airline. In addition to making the planes run on time, you can repair them, stock your airport with the best restaurants, and even build the surrounding neighborhood. The game owes a lot to Electronic Arts' classic game The Sims -- even down to the calming, upbeat music that would sound right at home in that game. Airport City belongs to the type of games that reward you if play frequently, as buildings are built and resources are refilled in real time. You can sign into the game with Twitter or Facebook to share your accomplishments with your friends, if you want. However, the game lets you access all of the goodies as a guest.

Though there's not much in the way of multiplayer as with other resource-building games, there's still a lot to do in this game. Airport City does a great job repacking elements from the games that have come before it while still making them feel fresh. Download this game if you're a fan of The Sims, FarmVille, or any other game that lets you manage your resources in real time.

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