Review: 2014 Nursing Drug Handbook is loaded with data

Learn details about any medicine commercially available using the compact 2014 Nursing Drug Handbook.

The 2014 Nursing Drug Handbook features a comprehensive drug database full of information about any drug you can think of. It's organized just like an encyclopedia and presented in a really easy-to-read layout. Though it might be too expensive for the average consumer, it's a very powerful tool for medical professionals.

The 2014 Nursing Drug Handbook gives you information about thousands of prescription and over-the-counter drugs so you can learn their recommended dosages, side effects, generic names, and much more. While it offers a free version, many of the drugs are premium-only, so you'll need to use the trial or upgrade to the paid version. The drugs are organized by what they do and what they treat, so it's very easy to find the exact drug you're looking for. If you want to skip a few steps, you can search the name of the drug and it will come up -- though the app can be a stickler for spelling. In the 2014 Nursing Drug Handbook, every drug gets its own special page that is ordered the same way, so finding the section you want and speed-reading it to get the useful information is a snap. You'll also love the handy photo guide that shows you exactly what the pills look like, with all of the possible dosages listed in a clean menu. This feature alone may be worth the price of entry for professionals who don't want to risk mixing up pills.

While 2014 Nursing Drug Handbook isn't cheap by anyone's definition, it does offer enough information presented in a professional package to merit the purchase -- if you can afford it or can get it written off.

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