Review: Winks Project Screensaver for Mac features nice photos and quotes

Add a new screensaver to your computer, one that includes a gallery of beautiful photos accompanied by inspirational captions.

Winks Project Screensaver for Mac combines beautiful photos with inspirational messages to create a motivational screensaver. It's a basic, straightforward app that comes with few configuration options. You either like its image gallery, or you don't.

Winks Project Screensaver for Mac lets you preview the screensaver prior to installation. Once the installation is complete, you will be presented with the Desktop and Screen Saver preferences window where you can adjust some basic settings, such as whether to mute the background music or not. Once you set up this app, a large variety of motivational images will start rotating as your desktop screensaver. The images appear to be from amateur photographers, but the quality is good and many of the locations are gorgeous. Some are outdoor areas, like vacation spots; others are cozy indoor scenes. Each photo has a caption and an inspirational message that won't disappoint you either. However, there are only a finite number of photos to choose from. The lack of transition variations between them was slightly disappointing, too.

If you want to change your screensaver, you might as well give Winks Project Screensaver for Mac a go. It stands out from other similar apps out there, and at times it can really motivate you, if not to change the world, then at least to go to the kitchen to drink a glass of water. There is certainly room for improvement, such as custom transitions, but for what it is, the app does its job well.

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