Review: Create easy reminders with AutoPostit2

Get a basic calendar and reminder tool with this pared-down program.

AutoPostit2 offers a plain, functional reminder system and basic calendar. If you already have calendar software or use Google's calendar services, there's not much on offer here to woo you away. If you like things very easy and have no need to sync across devices, AutoPostit2 might appeal to you.

Reminders are easily set in AutoPostit2's small, unadorned interface. Set the day, time, and create the message, and then hit "Ok." You can view three months in the calendar view, which strongly resembles the default Windows calendar. There's also an address book. Now, plain as it may be, AutoPostit2 works fine. The problem isn't with its functionality, but with its dated look and lack of other features. There's no wow factor here in either the design or the options to make you switch from a different program you're already using. For anyone who has Outlook or other tools, AutoPostit2 just isn't necessary, no matter how easy it is to operate.

For those looking for a free calendar/reminder tool, AutoPostit2 can get the job done; but most will want more than this basic tool has to offer.

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