Review: Vid Stitch combines several images, videos, and sound clips into one file

Create a collage with videos and images in this easy-to-use iOS app.

Vid Stitch, at first glance, looks a lot like other image collage-creation apps on the App Store, but it stands out in a couple of key ways. The most important of these is that it allows you to add videos to those multiframe images you share with friends and family on Facebook or Instagram. Of course, the finished files cannot be shared as normal, but they look good and the app is very intuitive.

When you open Vid Stitch for the first time, you can start creating your first images right away. Choose a frame size, select a video or image to drop into each side of the frame, and then customize with things like music or sound control. You can also set how long the video runs -- either cutting it to the shortest video length or extending it with still frames. The interface doesn't include a tutorial but it does show you at every step what you can and cannot do with clearly labeled options, and it runs very smoothly throughout with this onscreen guidance. When done, you can either e-mail or message your finished file to anyone and it will export as a single video -- and the results look great.

If you want to do more with your image collages than stitch pictures together, consider the free Vid Stitch app. It's easy to use, loaded with options for how to display and export your videos and images, and very fast. There are some ads to maneuver around when creating your videos, but they are not common and they don't get in the way of important functions, making this a great all-around app.

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