Review: Umano brings articles to life

Have your news articles read to you by real people.


Human: Real people read the news articles. That not only sounds natural, but it also turns your news articles into bite-sized podcasts, which you can queue to your liking.

Two birds with one stone: Umano's news aggregate works as both a newsreader and a news "reader." Articles can be played at 2x the speed for quicker consumption.

Multitask-friendly: Other news articles are accessible without disrupting your current article, thanks to a gesture-friendly UI.

Great user flow: The app's interface has a clean design, and content is well organized. Car mode brings a rudimentary, distraction-free UI for drivers.


Despite the Google card-like layout, there is no "swipeability" here.

Final Verdict:

Umano does something very different than many of the news apps out there. As a standalone newsreading app, it's got all the ingredients for a decent reader: good UI design, easy navigation, configurable news topics, and plenty of useful modes like car mode and the ability to download news bits. Umano has embraced a very friendly Android design in both form and function, but it's the content presentation itself that ultimately makes Umano stand out above the newsreader crowd. The app essentially turns popular news articles into podcasts, thanks to an organic staff of enthusiastic readers. We highly recommend the app and will be keeping a close eye on its growth.

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