Review: Time Doctor for Mac OS X is a single-function time tracker that works well

Manage your tasks, breaks, and total time spent with this straightforward OS X app.

Time Doctor for Mac OS X is a fairly straightforward app that allows you to note and record tasks as you perform them, switching on the fly between them with the "Break" button. The result is a shallow but quite useful productivity tool that makes task tracking a lot easier than some of the more complicated apps on the market for OS X. With a relatively low cost to boot, it could be a useful tool for a lot of people.

When you open Time Doctor, you'll be asked to create an account before using the app. While the app is lightweight and works seamlessly in OS X, there is an online component where data is sent when you record your tasks. You can then log in and see how much time was spent, manually edit some of those times, or change the total amount of time spent on any given task. It's a fairly easy-to-use platform, and it works quickly without any issues in the background while you're working. The interface is a single screen with two buttons and a text box and it gives you clear directions for how to track your tasks. There are no more robust tools here for tracking everything, but it still works very smoothly for what it offers.

While the features are light in Time Doctor, the ones here are well crafted and easy to use, and the tracking works smoothly without slowing down or getting in the way on your computer. The online component feels unnecessary, and the service costs $10 after your trial expires; but for those that need a task tracker, it's worth the upgrade.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Time Doctor for Mac OS X 2.2.16.

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