Review: Desk UnPDF Converter for Mac converts your PDF files into other formats

Convert PDFs to be more edit-friendly with this easy-to-use utility.

Desk UnPDF Converter for Mac is designed to solve the longstanding problem of editing PDF files in a native word processor. By stripping out PDF formatting and converting the text into RTF for Windows 97+ or Open Office, this app allows you to then open and edit those files more easily. While there are certainly some limitations in terms of the formatting, layout, and style of the finished document, it works well.

When you open UnPDF, you can start converting documents right away. Just load any PDF into the software and then select how you want it exported. You can choose from one of five options for export, as well as the number of pages, margins, and how the text and graphics will be displayed in the document. Keep in mind that the formatting of the PDF will greatly effect how it looks when converted. Additionally, because it exports in RTF, not all word processors can open the files; Pages for Mac, for example, can't handle RTF. The interface, however, is very well made, with everything you need onscreen and the conversion process was fast, every time we tested it.

Desk UnPDF Converter for Mac is a useful piece of software that will allow you to streamline conversion of nearly any PDF you have. The software comes with a trial version that will convert only three pages from any one document at a time, but the paid version is affordable and useful for those who find themselves in need of PDF editing tools, regularly.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Desk UnPDF Converter for Mac 2012.

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