Review: Amadeus Pro for Mac is a fast audio editing tool that is light on certain features

Slice and cut together audio files on your Mac with this easy-to-use editor.

Amadeus Pro is an audio editing tool for the Mac that works quickly and easily to record, split, edit, and export audio tracks. While not as feature rich as a tool like GarageBand, it runs a lot smoother and faster and has a few tools that make it a bit easier to use, at least up front, than other comparably priced tools.

When you install Amadeus Pro, you can start using it immediately in a trial mode that lasts for 30 days. Therefore all of the tools are unlocked and you can start recording, creating new tracks, editing, and exporting to CD or audio file. Everything you'll need for basic editing is onscreen, while more advanced tools are hidden in the file menus. This can be frustrating, at times, because you won't know where everything is and the manual for the software has to be downloaded separately. However, the tools that are provided will cover 90 percent of what you need to do in most basic editing situations. The best part of Amadeus Pro, however, is the speed and flexibility of the tools; there was rarely a slow down or pause in our editing and rendering occurred very fast.

If you want a fast, easy-to-use editing tool that doesn't overload you with options or slow down whenever you press a button, then consider Amadeus Pro. It's not a perfect audio editing tool and the full price is a bit higher than some apps with more features; but for those that like a smaller, lighter app with more responsive controls, this one gets the job done very well.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Amadeus Pro for Mac 2.1.3.

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