Review: Zombie Photo Booth Free gives you plenty of gory fun

Add blood, bites, and other horror elements to any of your photos, for Halloween or just for fun, using Zombie Photo Booth Free.

Zombie Photo Booth Free offers hundreds of spooky stickers, but you need to sift through far too many ads to get to them. You'll have to put up with about four to six different ads before you can even use the app for the first time. If you have the saint-like patience to put up with that, there is enough to like about this app.

Zombie Photo Booth Free lets you "zombify" any picture already on your phone with bloody wounds, scary teeth, and other gory goodies. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a built-in camera, so you have to leave it if you want to take a new picture. Leaving the app is a major pain, though. Whenever you open it back up, you're greeted by a string of pop-up ads that advertise other apps. Worse, a video ad comes out of nowhere anytime you select "Start." If you sit through that, Zombie Photo Booth Free finally grants you access to plenty of stickers for decorating your photos. They're separated into a few easy-to-browse categories and drop right into your photo. The app's menu takes up the top-third of your photo, so it's difficult to put stickers there. Sharing from inside the app is relatively easy, though.

Zombie Photo Booth Free rewards you with plenty of fun stickers, but at the price of invasive ads. Without the ads, the app would have been fine, but as it is, we just can't give it a higher rating.

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