Review: Zombie Block is easy, zombie-killing fun

Shoot down zombies to stop them from stumbling into your fort.

Zombie Block is a generic shooter that cashes in on today's intense zombie fandom, but it rarely performs as well as you'd like. Often, the game doesn't even let you play any of the levels at all. When it does work, this shooter doesn't have enough challenge or creativity to keep you playing.

This game sees you protect a fort from a shambling hoard of incoming zombies. It's a lot like the classic arcade shooters that have you slide your gun left and right to fire at the enemy. In this case, the enemies are zombies that look a lot like cheesy cardboard cutouts as they move down a generic graveyard. Though the game has local and world leaderboards that celebrate the survivors who lasted the longest, they didn't load at all during testing. The game, itself, failed to load multiple times during testing, as well. When we were able to play Zombie Block, it wasn't much of a challenge. The zombies don't move fast enough, making it relatively easy to gun them down. There isn't a way to adjust the difficultly, either.

Zombie Block doesn't really hook you in the way other shooting games on Android might. Even if you're a fan of this sort of repetitive gameplay, this game doesn't work consistently enough. There are better shooters and better zombie games to be played all over the Google Play store.

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