Review: Ultra Voice Changer gives you lots of goofy voices

Turn your voice into an alien's or robot's to entertain yourself or your friends with this interesting voice-changing application.

Ultra Voice Changer can change the audio of any speech into one of several bizarre voices. Though it can't convert what you're saying as you're saying it, it includes enough voices to give you and your friends a good laugh. Give it try if you like weird voices but can't do impressions, yourself.

Ultra Voice Changer takes any bit of text you record -- even videos -- and changes it into a bizarre voice. There are 17 free voices to choose from, including alien, robot, creepy deep voices, and even a bumble bee. If you're willing to buy the full version of the app, you'll unlock about 15 more, which are mostly different versions of the free voices. As Ultra Voice Changer is recording your text, it can clean up background noises and other junk that may jump into your recording. You can also adjust the volume level for your recordings using a slider. The app processes the recorded audio within seconds. We even tried testing it with longer strings of audio and it took us about a minute to convert the audio from a ten-minute video. The good news is that it only has to do the conversion once for it to work with every voice. That's not a bad production rate at all. There doesn't seem to be a limit to how much you can record, either, and you can store your recordings in the Favorites folder within the app. From there you can edit the name of each recording, share it online, or turn it into a ringtone.

With its many voice options and good performance, Ultra Voice Changer is worth the download if you want an interesting entertainment app that can amuse your friends. If it worked for conversations in real time, it would probably be a five-star app.

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