Review: UC Browser offers style and features

Surf the Web quickly with this powerful, feature-packed, and easy-to-use mobile browser.

UC Browser for Android sports good performance and a slew of useful features. Though a lot of what it has to offer looks and feels different from the similar features of other browsers, it won't disappoint you. If you want to break free from Android's default browser, this app will give you almost all of the features you love on your desktop browser.

UC Browser offers tabbed browsing, a speed dial, and useful extensions and themes that allow you to completely customize your browsing experience. When it comes to browsing and switching from pages, it runs circles around Android's default browser and can keep pace with the other great options on Android. The app has an always-on settings menu that makes it easy for you to find advanced settings but that takes up a lot of space. The full screen mode, however, solves the space problem and adds some serious style to most of the pages you browse. Though the app supports tabbed browsing, the tabs are tucked away in a menu instead of in their own navigation bar, which takes some getting used to.

UC Browser competes well with just about any other browser on Android in terms of style, speed, and features. Though it might not be enough to pull you away from Firefox, Chrome, or Dolphin, you will still want to give it a try. In terms of design, it's unlike any other browser out there.

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