Review: Super Mario Bros 2 looks and feels just like the original

Play one of the most popular games of all time on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Super Mario Bros 2 plays just like you would expect it to, but it's loaded with ads that try to take over your mobile device. They'll hit you when you open the game and try to inject ads into your browser and search bar; but if you're clever you can avoid them and enjoy a fun emulator. If ads don't daunt you, you should definitely try this game.

An emulator of the classic game originally made for the NES, Super Mario Bros 2, features exactly the same levels, music, and graphics as the classic. Not everything is perfectly emulated, though: the bottom of the game's screen becomes the NES controller, so the buttons can get in your way if you're not careful. Super Mario Bros 2 offers nine different save slots as well as the ability to play with a friend over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The game supports an attached controller as well, which can solve the problem of the onscreen controls. The app does feature some nasty ads, including the loathsome Airpush package, which will try to slide ads onto your browser's home page and search bar if you're not careful. There are pop-up ads, as well.

The ads hurt, but don't kill the game. If you loved the NES version of the classic Super Mario, this app lets you take it with you wherever you go without bringing your DS or Game Boy. Super Mario Bros 2 is a must-download for fans of the gaming world's favorite plumber.

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