Review: Manage your home screens better with fast and gorgeous Solo Launcher Free

Give your Android gadget a fully customizable, stylish home screen launcher.

Solo Launcher Free is a light, customizable home screen launcher that can mold and fit itself to your needs. In addition to offering plenty of apps that fit right into its theme, it is flexible enough to look like it works with all of your favorite apps. That, combined with how easily it can open and move through your apps, makes it a real winner.

Solo Launcher Free takes over your home screen, giving you another way to organize widgets and apps, as well as move from one app to another. When you first use this launcher, it offers to import your home screen settings and other details from other launchers. In addition to the launcher, Solo Launcher Free offers several utility apps like a calculator, weather, and more. It has a few dozen themes to fit in with your current slate of apps, too. All of these have to be downloaded separately, but they're small enough that it won't bug you too much. The launcher, itself, is light, which helps it bounce from page to page or app to app very quickly. You can add home screens and decorate them with Android's default wallpapers, as well as with new ones that come with it. Another great feature this launcher offers is gesture control. You can assign gestures to quickly access various options, settings, and apps. In addition to the great performance and many features, this launcher is completely ad free -- quite rare, nowadays.

All in all, this launcher gives enough options and good looks to stand up well against other launchers. The bevy of custom themes and home-brewed apps that you can download to combine with Solo Launcher Free is what really pushes it over the edge.

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