Review: Siren Sounds offers you a loud, virtual soundboard with several sirens

Play different sirens to shock, amuse, or confuse your friends or people on the street with this small but noisy app.

Siren Sounds doesn't have many different sounds, but those available do work well. And boy, they are loud! You can even layer sirens over each other if you're trying to prank a friend or wake up the neighborhood. Though it might be too loud for most people, this app lives up to its promises, as being an effective soundboard.

This app lets you use multiple siren sounds from police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks for mischievous purposes. The soundboard has a sleek black layout that makes the sirens come on instantly as you tap the buttons. Though Siren Sounds has only six different noises, they are varied enough to provide temporary entertainment. A nice feature is that you can layer the sounds to create a cacophony of sirens. The fault (or is it the virtue?) of this app is that it's really loud, so it might be dangerous to use in a crowded area or quiet neighborhood.

Although it's not loaded with sounds or features, Siren Sounds offers more than enough sounds to make most people happy. If you need a police or emergency siren for a funny prank or a video, this application is a free way to make it happen. You'll especially like the ability to layer multiple sounds together.

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