Review: PicSay enhances your photos with interesting stickers, titles, effects, and more

Decorate and modify your photos with stickers and nifty effects using this ad-free photo sticker and editing app.

PicSay gives you loads of fun stickers and effects that you can use to decorate all of your favorite photos. It packs hundreds of ways to edit your photos in a shockingly ad-free package. If it had more conventional editing tools, it would be truly amazing.

PicSay lets you attach decorative stickers as well as fun filters to all of your smartphone's pictures. It's loaded with dozens of stickers that are organized into sensible categories; plus you can add text and thought bubbles to make the picture convey a specific message. Though you can resize the stickers, you can't use pinch to zoom to do it and instead have to rely on a small onscreen button that isn't easy to press. The effects in the app range from recoloring and touch-up effects like exposure and brightness to trippy effects like blur and inversion. You can layer multiple effects on the photo for a really interesting shot, too. Though PicSay lets you decorate and retouch your photos anyway you like, it won't let you crop or resize your photos -- editing options that would have made this app almost perfect.

Even though there are hundreds of sticker apps to choose from, we would still rank PicSay very high. The abundance of features and stickers mixed with the lack of obnoxious ads like you might find in similar apps is really hard to beat. Give this app a shot if you want to decorate your photos, but don't need to edit them in the traditional sense.

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