Review: PicMix packs an active collection of users and great photo-sharing tools

See and share hundreds of great photos from every user using your Android smartphone or tablet.

PicMix is an exciting social network centered on sharing pictures with your friends and the world. It has a very active community and a gorgeous user interface that makes browsing and sharing your favorite photos a cinch. If you want a new place to share your photos, this app is worth exploring.

Though this social network hinges on the app, there's a Web component, as well. You can sign up with either and see the same pictures on both. The nifty part about the app is that you don't need to sign in to view other people's pictures. Many of the millions of photos already uploaded to PicMix are free to the public, meaning you can browse the app's contests, popular boards, and creative user base without signing up. There are even a few celebrities and brands on the social network, as well. Once you sign up, you can invite your friends and share any photo via your Android smartphone or tablet. Sharing is just as easy as browsing, but some of your uploads will get watermarked unless you use some of the app's credit to remove it. However, there are plenty of easy ways to unlock more credits inside of the app, which might annoy some people, but it's worth putting up with for all of the pictures you get to see with this app.

Since PicMix has a stylish menu to boot, it stands tall as one of the best mobile-first social networks. This app's active but smaller community of users is a welcome change from giants like Facebook and Twitter and still allows you to share with all of your friends.

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