Review: Piano Keyboard simulates a basic virtual piano

Tickle a few keys with this neat but rather basic piano simulator for your Android gadget.

Piano Keyboard lets you create your own melodies, but has too few keys and not enough options to be a great piano simulator. The incessant pop-up ads make things even worse for this mid-tier app. There are just too many piano simulators for this one to rank near the top.

This application gives you a tiny onscreen piano that makes accurate notes. Though all of the notes sound great, there are only 12 (seven keys) of them, altogether. That's not even 1/10th of a standard keyboard and not really enough to play a full song. Since the app doesn't let you play two notes at once, playing anything that resembles an actual piece is almost impossible. The app's "More Tools" button isn't an advanced setting menu, but a redirect to other gimmick apps from the developer. The only setting Piano Keyboard boasts is the ability to change the volume onscreen. That means there's no way to change the notes you can play or the app's layout. In addition, anytime you open or close the app, it sends a pop-up message to your phone, asking you to download more of the developer's other apps.

Piano Keyboard doesn't seem to be geared toward user experience, but toward advertising. In addition, this app is just too limited to be a great piano simulator. It would need more keys, notes, or options to stand out from the crowd. Since it lacks all of those, we can't really give it a higher rating.

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