Review: Add reminders to Reminders with Remind Me for Mac

Easily add reminders to the native Mac app with this useful utility.

The native Reminders app on Macs is popular and quite useful, but its one major drawback is that it's not that easy to access. Remind Me for Mac is a simple utility that makes it easy to add new reminders to Reminders without having to stop what you're doing and open that app. We can't imagine why anyone who uses Reminders wouldn't want to install Remind Me for Mac.

Remind Me for Mac appears as a small icon in the menu bar. Clicking it reveals a drop-down menu with the option to add a new reminder or view the app's preferences. When creating new reminders, users can specify a date and time both for a reminder alert and for the due date, and there's also a field for notes. Users are also able to choose the list they want to add the reminder to. Remind Me's preferences include the ability to set a default reminder, customize a keyboard shortcut, and have the app start on log-in. That's the extent of it, but that's all it needs to do. Remind Me for Mac is one of those apps whose usefulness lies in its ease of use. If you use Reminders, save yourself some hassle and install Remind Me for Mac.

Remind Me for Mac installs and uninstalls without issues. It's easy to use and very useful -- the perfect download for any Mac user.

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