Review: WikiMagic Camera is slick but not always clear

Take and filter photos to create "wishes" you can then share with friends.

WikiMagic Camera is a live camera app that allows you to draw or paste stickers over the lens at any time before taking a photo. In effect it's a photo filtering app, but instead of adding effects or filtering images after you've taken them, you do it before, giving you a certain degree of flexibility in how everything looks as you line up your shot.

When you open WikiMagic Camera, it's not immediately clear what you are supposed to do. The app, for example, tells you to "make a wish on camera" but doesn't explain what that means or why you would do it. The goal then is to add stickers, effects, and text or drawings to the screen as you line up a shot and then take the photo with the overlay already on the screen. The interface then is a bit of an issue, not providing clear directions and sometimes hiding key features like clear all and delete, which you'll want to use often. Saving and sharing is easy and you can use the app with library images, but the filters and effects are pretty standard; so despite the polish of the app, graphically, it offers little new.

If you want a photo editing app with filters and memes, plus other effects in it, and you want to be able to edit in real time on your photos as you take them, this is a good app. It doesn't lack for features, but it does fall short in terms of organization and installation -- major issues for new users.

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