Review: Image Creator offers a range of tools but no clear direction or theme

Add images, filters, and paintbrush effects to the screen before exporting your custom images.

Image Creator is a free app trying to do too many things and not quite getting any of them spot on. It's not a bad app, but with limited options in the two or three areas it tries to offer features, it will feel incomplete when editing most images. The result is a messy interface and images that look half edited.

When you open Image Creator you can open a new image, take one with the camera, or prep a canvas. Most of what you do will be done to an image, however, and there are a few options. You can add tear effects or other filters provided in the app, you can draw on the image with a paintbrush, or you can save and export the image. The problem is that the paintbrush offers minimal customization, the filters are very generic (brightness, contrast, grayscale, and vignette) and the tear effect, while solid, feels tacked on. At the same time, there is no sharing function -- only a save-to-camera action. From start to finish, it has potential but doesn't follow through for any of its many options.

If you need the very specific options that Image Creator offers -- to draw on an image, add a tear effect, or alter the brightness and contrast -- this app will work. But if you are interested in something more complete and with more editing tools built in, there are other, better free image editing apps on the App Store.

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