Review: Ginger Chrome Extension brings Ginger's contextual spelling and grammar check

Use smart spell checking in Chrome with this free Ginger extension.

Ginger Chrome Extension brings Ginger's advanced spelling and grammar checks to your browser. Ginger's unique algorithm considers context when checking spelling and grammar -- reducing errors introduced by incorrect checking. If you've ever had to reject or correct changes made by spelling and grammar checkers because the program couldn't understand your sentence, you can see how contextual corrections could make a difference. Ginger's Chrome Extension helps you avoid errors when browsing, posting, and entering data online by flagging errors and suggesting corrections. Ginger Chrome Extension is free but requires Ginger to work, but Ginger is free, too. A Premium upgrade is available.

When you install and set up Ginger, you can create a free account or sign up through Facebook. Apparently an account is required to use some of Ginger's features, such as learning. Ginger's Chrome Extension places its G icon on Chrome's toolbar. Right-clicking the icon accesses Ginger's home page (including online tools) and opens Google's Extension page, but the Options entry is grayed out. But you don't need to click anything to use Ginger when it's active in Chrome: It will pop up with balloon notifications and suggestions for corrections whenever it detects a misspelling or grammatical error. Ginger didn't have a suggestion for every item it flagged, and not everything it flagged was an error; but the smart Ginger learns from its own mistakes as well as yours.

Once or twice we had to wait for Ginger before our browser and other windows respond. We had to exit Ginger to regain control of Word at one point; at another, one of Ginger's pop-up notifications got stuck in the middle of our desktop and absolutely refused to close until we closed the program. Whether it was due to the app or browser extension is irrelevant. We prefer Word's spelling and grammar checker to Ginger's anyway, so we opened Ginger's settings and unchecked Word's box. That helped. We're not thrilled by functionality that requires an online account, free or not. But the more we used Ginger, the better it worked, and the more we liked it.

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