Review: Grab and convert HD videos with Free YouTube Downloader HD

Download HD videos on YouTube with this free downloader and converter.

Free YouTube Downloader HD v3.1.2 from iRecordMax is a twofer since it also converts files to play on mobile devices, eliminating the confusion and incompatibility that often comes with another piece of software. It downloads any YouTube video that can be downloaded, including HD videos. You can choose from different quality levels when downloading files, and then convert them right away with an easy-to-use wizard. It also converts files from your library. You'll need an HD-capable media player to play high-definition videos, but that's easy to find.

We chose Free YouTube Downloader HD's custom installation option since it let us say, "No" to extra software. The program's start screen let us choose the downloader or converter. Though we already had HD videos to convert, we naturally wanted to test Free YouTube Downloader HD's file-downloading prowess first, so we browsed YouTube to a movie trailer in HD. But we couldn't copy its URL or the next HD trailer's, either. Our third stab at downloading an HD video succeeded. We could add as many videos as we wanted to the list view and select output quality options. The first thing we noticed was how much longer HD downloads take than conventional files, but there's a lot of data involved, as we could see in the detailed Log view. When our download finished, we could open its folder or convert it right away. We tried both options. Our HD video looked great in our usual media player. The conversion process also let us process batches of files. We just had to choose our device type or the audio or video format we wanted, including quality presets, and press "Convert." Free YouTube Downloader HD's conversion wizard handled the rest.

Although Free YouTube Downloader HD is very easy to use, video tutorials and other Help resources are available. If your YouTube grabber is HD-deficient, it's time to trade up.

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