Review: Convert XPS files to PDFs (and vice versa) with Free XPS to PDF Converter

Convert XPS documents to PDFs and back again with this easy-to-use freeware.

Free XPS to PDF Converter converts XPS files into PDFs that can be opened and edited in any PDF viewer or utility. Freedom Software's freeware works both ways: it converts XPS files to PDFs and PDFs to XPS files: both single files and entire folders.

With large, colorful "Add," "Remove," and "Convert" buttons and other basic controls, Free XPS to PDF Converter's user interface is plain but hardly unattractive. We started by converting DOCs to XPS files in Word so we'd have files to convert that Free XPS to PDF Converter hadn't created. We browsed to files and also dragged files into the main window. Free XPS to PDF Converter worked quickly and flawlessly on both file types. We could save files in the Source folder or a custom destination as either XPS files or PDFs. Online resources and support are available, but everything you need to know about this tool is right there on its interface.

There are two kinds of PDF tools: Complete solutions, some of which cost more than $100, and specialized freeware that does one task with a minimum of effort. Obviously, Free XPS to PDF Converter is the second type. Which is better? That depends on your needs. But many times we've opened a one-trick tool like this one and finished our task in less time than it can take to open and figure out an all-in-one solution.

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