Review: TextArt lets you create your own descriptive and decorative images

Use TextArt to create decorative images you can share online with your friends.

TextArt is an image editing app that allows you to add decorative text, frames, backgrounds, and emoticons to create unique images. Unfortunately, there are more downsides to this app than there are positives, which makes it rather hard to recommend.

TextArt installs without much hassle, but it's way too limited in options to be considered a great application. You can create colorful images quickly by adding emoticons, decorative text, rather basic backgrounds and frames, and some effects such as shades and a glow, but nothing this app offers is really inspiring. You cannot use your own images in the app, either, which makes it even more limiting. During our tests the app crashed a couple of times, making its stability questionable, too. Dealing with constant ads didn't put a smile on our face, either. On the bright side, TextArt lets you save completed images in your gallery, as well as share them via Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and other social networks. It also features a neat, random image generator, which is a nice option.

If you want to quickly create a colorful image with decorative stickers and text, then TextArt might just do the trick. However, if you're looking for a stable, ad-free app that can create personalized images, try some other options.

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