Review: Interact with a funny parrot in Talking Pierre the Parrot Free

Record your voice and have it mimicked by a goofy parrot, using Talking Pierre the Parrot Free.

Talking Pierre the Parrot Free is a funny app featuring Pierre the Parrot who mimics everything you say or just parts of it. The app runs smoothly, features nice graphics, and provides you with a few other options such as recording Pierre's sounds and sharing them with your friends -- making this a nice download if you have kids.

The download and installation went easily, but in order to fully optimize the graphic quality of Talking Pierre the Parrot Free, we were instructed to download 26MB of game data; this only took a couple of minutes. The silly parrot finds himself in a kitchen setting and will repeat everything you say in a fun way. Besides this, he will also occasionally throw stuff at you like plates, cups, bananas, and similar items, but you can also return the favor by throwing tomatoes his way, poking him in the belly and head, or you can tickle him by swiping the screen. You can also activate the blender, which stands next to him, although this doesn't do much more than make noise, covering all the other sounds until you switch it off. All the options of this streamlined app work well and will surely provide a lot of entertainment for children. The only downside to this app is the occasional pop-up, which weirdly enough really doesn't add anything, say anything, or advertise anything even though it looks like an ad.

Talking Pierre the Parrot Free doesn't always respond the same way, making it quite hilarious, at times, when he repeats sentences. Even though this app is fun enough to put smiles on the faces of adults, young kids will be the ones who will enjoy this loony parrot most.

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