Review: Drive a truck through obstacle courses and park with Real Truck Parking 3D

Use the gas pedal, brakes, steering wheel, and reverse to maneuver your truck over obstacle courses within a time limit.

If you've ever wondered who of your friends or family members is the better driver, you'll have your answer once you get them to play Real Truck Parking 3D. This challenging, time-based game will do a great job at testing your motor skills, as well as keeping you occupied for hours.

Real Truck Parking 3D comes with 95 engaging levels that get harder as the game progresses. Even though driving your truck from point A to B while picking up cargo and dealing with sharp turns and other obstacles before the time runs out might seem easy, it can become a real challenge. The graphics are decent enough considering this game is not really about the looks. While playing, many of the levels seem perhaps too similar; therefore, it would have been great if the game offered a few other extra features or obstacles. While playing by yourself will definitely provide you with a decent amount of fun, being able to compete with others, and finally see who among your friends or family members has eagle eyes and is better at parking and sliding through corners, makes this app more interesting and also more challenging.

Real Truck Parking 3D is a fun game that can cause a sensation between your car-loving friends as they compete over who the better driver is. The app is also suitable for children.

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