Review: My Chat Sticker gives you hundreds of cute images

Send cute emoticons, stickers, and e-cards to all of your friends using this fun application.

My Chat Sticker is loaded with plenty of cute stickers and emoticons that can be fun to share. It's easy to get them into any app with a few taps and finding the exact sticker you want is a piece of cake, too. The stickers might be too cute for some users, but people who enjoy sharing cute Asian characters will find a lot to like in this adorable app.

My Chat Sticker offers a large collection of shareable stickers and messages full of goofy and sugary-cute looking characters. Though many of the stickers have kanji and other languages on them, most have some sort of English message, which makes the stickers work for speakers of multiple languages. The app organizes its goodies in easy-to-guess categories like "Cute," "Greeting," and "Love." Once you pick the sticker you want, you can share it into any app you like -- Facebook, Twitter, and even SMS messages. You won't get an ad when you select your sticker, but the app throws multiple pop-over ads at you anytime you try to leave it. While that can be a little annoying, it isn't a deal breaker.

The overwhelming cuteness inside of this app may well be too much for some, but it's probably just right for the people who love sharing this type of sticker. My Chat Sticker is worthwhile if only because it gives you so many stickers to choose from.

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