Review: Jungle Heat engages you in an expansive, beautiful RTS game

Take over the jungle in this real-time battle and city-building strategy game you can play for hours.

Jungle Heat is a deep, addictive strategy game that has you build a fully functional settlement. It's equal parts tower defense and nation building and it borrows pieces from some of the most popular strategy games of all time. Those elements combine to make one of the more enticing entries to the admittedly crowded lot of RTS games on Android.

Though this game looks and feels like a tower defense game, it isn't just that. It weaves elements of tower defense with Warcraft-esque battles, Farmville-like community building, and a pseudo-story mode that tells the story of the jungle your characters are fighting to defend. Like many freemium games, the goal is to amass resources (gold, oil) to build a stronger army to defend against and defeat enemies in order to gain more resources and keep the cycle going. Jungle Heat backs up that formula with fun, stylish graphics and decently developed characters. There's a great tutorial that explains all of the game's numerous moving parts, but it does go on a bit too long for people who want to explore the game, themselves. In addition to running through the game's AI, there's a dynamic PvP system with clans, group battles, and leaderboards. Jumping right into this element too early will result in disaster, though.

It's tough to find a game that packs so many elements of other runaway hits into one package. It's even more of a treat to find each element delivered incredibly well. Jungle Heat delivers a game that wins on so many points that it's easy to get stuck playing the game for hours on end.

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