Review: iMadeFace Funny Pics & Videos collects funny pictures from the app

See some of the funniest pictures and uploads from iMadeFace using iMadeFace Funny Pics & Videos.

iMadeFace Funny Pics & Videos rounds up some of the best, brightest creations from the hilarious iMadeFace app. If you need some inspiration or just want a quick laugh, this app provides it in a big way. It combs all of the most popular social networks and sharing sites to give you hundreds of fun images.

This app isn't a rip-off of the popular iMadeFace app, but a gallery that shows off images made and shared from that app. If you're not familiar, iMadeFace lets you turn your face into a comic with colorization, decorations, and other add-ons. This app crawls public images on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and other sites for images made with iMadeFace. It finds plenty of them, as well as information and posts online about the app. You can see images organized based on what network they came from; but iMadeFace Funny Pics & Videos doesn't have a rating system that lets you view other users' favorite pictures. The app uses the default scrolling method of the site it searches, which means it sacrifices uniformity. In spite of that, the app's layout is surprisingly ad-free and easy to use.

That's a pleasant surprise, considering how nasty some apps that piggyback off of another app can be. By bucking that trend, iMadeFace Funny Pics & Videos gives users a solid experience even though it lacks any awesome features. If you love using iMadeFace and want to see other people's creations, this app beats all alternatives.

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