Review: Headphones Volume Booster won't boost your audio, but it will spam you

Prank your friends with this app that claims to boost your earbuds' volume.

Headphones Volume Booster doesn't live up to its claims to raise your smartphone's audio. It makes matters worse by hitting your phone with some nasty ad packages that are sure to frustrate you. If you're looking for a way to improve your phone's sound quality, perhaps it's a better idea to look for a media player with an equalizer.

If you look closely in the fine print of this app's Google Play page, it admits to not working and being "a prank." Sure enough, Headphones Volume Booster didn't boost our headphone's audio at all during testing. Anytime we loaded the app to try to see more of its settings, we were greeted with pop-up ads promising everything from high-paying jobs to sordid affairs not fit to print. The app also makes you agree to two different ad agreements that will put ads on your status bar, browser home page, and anywhere else they can find room.

We're not entirely sure who Headphones Volume Booster is trying to prank -- the person who downloaded it or their friends. Either way, it doesn't raise your headphones' volume at all, so it's best to ignore it. There are media players available on the Google Play store that can actually improve your phone's sound.

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