Review: Fora Dictionary lets you host multiple dictionaries

Combine multiple dictionaries you find online into one look-it-up application.

Fora Dictionary lets you combine multiple dictionaries into one feature-packed application you can even use when offline. While people who just need to look up words might get overwhelmed by the plethora of options, superusers will be delighted for sure.

Instead of giving you a dictionary to start with, this application lets you install dictionaries you find online to help you define words. It does come with Wikipedia preloaded, but that's not always the best option when defining words. Instead, if you don't have a dictionary file on your phone, you'll have to download a dictionary from inside of the app. That doesn't take long, but none of the listed sites rang a bell; they certainly weren't Webster's Dictionary or Once you have a dictionary loaded, you can enter any word to get a definition or a surprisingly accurate pronunciation. We especially liked the app's "Scanning mode," which, when turned on, allowed Fora Dictionary to define anything we copied to our phone's clipboard. Another nice feature is the app's built-in text-to-speech option -- super useful for learning how to pronounce translated words. Though the layout is just a blank, white screen with text, you can customize this app to your liking by changing its font, spacing, and other details.

Fora Dictionary is a solid app once you load dictionaries, but that might be more trouble than it's worth for some people when preloaded dictionary apps already exist. The app is useful if you build your own dictionaries or use a custom dictionary with industry terms or other words a regular dictionary wouldn't find. Outside of that, you'll have to play with this app for a while to see how it's best used.

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