Review: Night Video Cam 2 allows you to take nocturnal videos

Record videos in low-light environments with a customizable interface.

Night Video Cam 2 is a useful video tool for low-light or outdoor situations when recording video on your iPhone or iPad. It's not as powerful as similar tools on a dedicated video camera, but considering what the developers are working with in a non-dedicated camera, they've created a very streamlined, very easy-to-use, night-friendly recording tool.

When you launch Night Video Cam 2, there are a few options on the screen to choose from. You can see how much battery you have left, the total space you can record on your phone, the current recording time, and the exposure level. The latter is the most important tool in this app. It allows you to adjust exposure levels to account for low-light levels at night or in dark rooms. We tested it in both, as well as in a well-lit room and it definitely works well to add light to a room that is a bit dim. Outdoors at night, it's not as powerful, but it does look clearer and easier to follow than a standard video in the same lighting. The interface gives you everything on one screen, too, which makes using the app a lot easier than some other similar apps.

Night Video Cam 2 is a solid, free app for the iPhone that allows you to record in lower-light settings without losing clarity. You can adjust your exposure, manually, or let the app do it automatically and at any time can see how much space is left for recording -- all very smart, useful tools.

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