Review: Lettering & Decorating Design has a lot of features but too many barriers

Create and edit custom images on your phone through a maze of menus.

Lettering & Decoration Design has quite a few options to choose from, but due to a poorly laid out interface and buried options, it takes far too long to edit and finalize an image for sharing. The result is an app that feels like it could be very useful, but is often frustrating and time consuming for even simple tasks related to editing your photos.

When you first open the app, you're given a short tutorial of how to access the menus. At any time, double tap the screen and choose from any of the menu options at the bottom of the screen. The main issue is that these items are not available unless you double tap, and you can only perform one action at a time. So if you want to add a letter, you choose one letter and the color of that letter and then insert it. Then if you want to finish writing the word, you do the same for every other letter in the world. The same is true for clip art and other effects. It's very time consuming to use and the quality of the inserted images and text is not that high -- all of which is very frustrating.

Lettering & Decoration Design is a free app and it has quite a few options buried in its menus, but it is far from streamlined. Each step takes time to complete and can be very frustrating; and while the finished images look OK, it's not quite worth the effort it takes to create them.

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